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Audrey JAnelle

Audrey started her career in the beauty industry 10 years ago beginning her journey with Sephora as a Beauty Consultant. She was able to work with a wide range of cosmetic brands and learned techniques from each brand representative. During her journey, she attended San Diego State University and received her Bachelors Degree in Public Administration. After completing college, Audrey ultimately realized her true calling, Esthetics. Audrey began her professional career as a make-up artist shortly after graduating from Make-up Designory (MUD). She also received her Estheticians license where she learned the techniques of waxing, performing facials and the importance of healthy skin. 

Shortly after being licensed, Audrey became an Artistry Trainer for Anastasia Beverly Hills. She received intensive training on Anastasia’s infamous brow techniques, understanding how to create balance and symmetry according to the bone structure and mastering brow shaping. Working side by side with the brow queen herself inspired Audrey to master the art of brow shaping. Audrey also worked for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics as a Sales and Education Coordinator where she was able to learn the importance in creating beauty from within and expressing her creativity through makeup.

While working with many Clients Audrey noticed a consistent problem they would share with her as she analyzed their faces, their brows. Knowing how important brows are Audrey shifted her beauty career to mainly focus on the structure and definition of brows. She  has spent the last few years crafting the art of a perfect brow by opening up her own beauty business and constantly shaping and waxing brows. Audrey then decided to get trained and certified for a more permanent brow solution called Microblading.

At Audrey Janelle Beauty,  she strives to give her clients brows that are customized according to their facial features. Whether you have full brows or no brows, she can help you enhance your look and achieve the brows you were meant to have.